Be a Legend – A Review of the Be a Legend Coaching Service

If you are looking for a coaching service that is not biased towards the outcome, you should look no further than Be a Legend. Led by Lara Jones, Be a Legend is a coaching service that helps individuals succeed in their business ventures. Legend is also one of the most popular social media influencers. Her genuine approach to helping people achieve their goals has made her a social media phenomenon.

Be a Legend is a coaching service led by Lara Jones

Lara Jones, the founder of Be A Legend Coaching Service, is an advanced business strategist with over 20 years’ experience in international corporate marketing, psychology and neuroscience. She has worked with individuals, teams and organizations of all sizes to achieve greater success and realize their full potential. She grew her first business from $5 million to $50 million in six years, establishing a key account department, selling to FTSE 100 companies and breaking company records year after year.

Lara has a Master’s degree in psychology and has completed training in the practical applications of neuroscience. She also has a certification in grief education with David Kessler, a renowned author, public speaker and death and grieving expert. She has a thorough understanding of the neuroscience behind motivation, belief, growth, and resilience. She also has the ability to help people connect with their own inner-legend.

Hanso Legend is a self-taught entrepreneur

Hanso Legend is a Haitian-American entrepreneur, wealth coach, and public speaker. He is multilingual, with More Help a diverse professional background in business and leadership. Hanso was born in Haiti and raised in St. Louis, Missouri. As a teenager, he decided to join a network marketing company and achieve financial independence. Within two years, he was recognized as one of the top sales professionals in his firm. Eventually, he made a six-figure income.

Before founding his own company, Coach Legend was stuck working a minimum-wage job and struggling to break through. Today, he is an internationally recognized public speaker and multilingual marketing strategist. His expertise includes wealth management, business development, and leadership.

Legend is a popular social media influencer

Sam Rybka is an acrobat and fitness influencer who has earned millions of followers on social media. She has worked with numerous brands and has her own fitness gear line. She also offers personal coaching and custom routines to her followers. Sam and her twin sister, Teagan, have appeared on Australia’s Got Talent, have over three million followers on Instagram, and have a combined audience of more than 7 million.

While she isn’t the most well-known name in the social media world, she works with and coaches many of the biggest names in the industry. Her topics range from productivity to staying motivated. She also teaches how to grow a business and a following. She also has YouTube and Facebook video content and interviews top experts on these topics.

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