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In addition to being the CEO of Liberty Health Sciences, George Scorsis is also the president of Red Bull Canada, you can learn more about him at As a result, Scorsis has been active in a variety of initiatives and charitable endeavors. In Florida, he has contributed to several initiatives and is committed to helping those in need. He lives in both Florida and Canada and is active in a variety of charitable endeavors. While his case is still under investigation, he plans to continue his charitable work and volunteer efforts.

George Scorsis Florida

A well-known figure in the medical cannabis industry, George Scorsis is a founder and executive chairman of WeedMD, a medical cannabis company that produces marijuana in Florida. Despite his retirement, he has remained active in the Florida cannabis industry, even naming his new business after his native state. Here’s a closer look at his recent announcements:George Scorsis and WeedMD

As a veteran of the cannabis industry, George Scorsis has worked in the medical marijuana industry, the alcohol industry, and the energy drinks industry. Before joining the cannabis business in Florida, he was the president of Red Bull Canada, an energy drink company. While he may be retired from working in the state, he is still active in the state’s business community. As a corporate citizen, he has supported numerous nonprofit organizations in the state, including the Agincourt Food Bank.

Though he’s retired from his executive role at Liberty Health Sciences, he is still a very active member of the Florida cannabis community. As the executive chairman of the Canadian Red Bull company, George Scorsis is dedicated to the cause of responsible marijuana use and has been a major benefactor of several nonprofits in the state. He is actively involved in a variety of industries and has a deep involvement in the cannabis industry.

Scorsis’ vast experience in the medical and e-commerce industries is an asset for marijuana companies. He previously worked as the president of Red Bull Canada, and rebuilt it from a topographical and operational point of view. Ultimately, he led the company to $150 MM in revenue. In addition to serving as a trustee of the Agincourt Food Bank, Scorsis serves on the board of Scythian Bio Sciences Corp., one of the largest marijuana growing companies in North America.

Known as an active member of the Florida business community, Scorsis has made numerous contributions throughout his career. He recently acquired the Ontario-based Starseed company, which is a staple in the Florida cannabis community. Although he may not be the most well-known of figures in the cannabis industry, he is a dedicated supporter of the industry. This will be reflected in his actions. With the support of the state’s government, Scorsis is able to make it a reality in the industry.

In addition to his business activities, George Scorsis has a wide range of charitable interests. He has served as the President of Red Bull Canada, and has since helped the company become more profitable. He has also recently begun a venture with cannabis, a move that is both controversial and beneficial to the state. Regardless of his personal life, he continues to make a positive impact in the industry of Florida.

George Scorsis has been active in the business community in Florida for over 15 years. He has served as President of Red Bull Canada for a number of years. He was also the president of Red Bull Canada, a sports drink company. After the company’s acquisition, Scorsis restructured the company to become more profitable. He now plans to open a cannabis dispensary in Gainesville. In Florida, he has become an active member of the business community.

After being a Board member of Liberty Health Sciences Inc. for a few years, Scorsis has been the CEO of several medical marijuana dispensaries in Florida. As a result of his dedication to his clients, he has also been a benefactor to the Agincourt Food Bank. In addition to his charitable activities, he has been active in many other initiatives in Florida, including volunteering and charity work.

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