Customizable Bus Options for Your Business

Customizable bus options are a great way to add functionality and convenience to your transportation business. Whether you’re working with seniors or passengers with disabilities, need to transport people to multiple locations on a large campus or need a special vehicle for a specific tour, there are many ways to customize your bus to fit your needs.

Customized busesĀ School bus in Alberta can provide a comfortable space for passengers to relax and unwind, while also helping you save money on fuel. Adding amenities like wheelchair lifts, walker storage and more can make traveling on your bus a whole lot more enjoyable.

You can also upgrade your bus with features that will keep both you and your passengers safe. For example, installing backup cameras can prevent costly damage from a collision. If you’re unsure about what features you should have installed, the service professionals at TESCO can help you determine which ones will best suit your business.

Overhead luggage compartments are an excellent option for any business that has limited space on board their vehicle. They’re a great place to store luggage, purses and backpacks while still keeping the aisles clear.

Adding overhead racks can help your drivers organize their belongings while on the road, and they’re also an excellent safety feature to have in case of an emergency. They can even be equipped with a lock to help keep items secure.

There are many different flooring options available for a bus, and you can choose from a variety of materials that will look good and be easy to clean. For example, you could opt for a black Gerfloor(tm) that’s less expensive, or a safety resistant alternative like Altro(tm) that will show much less dirt and dust.

Seating is another popular way to customize your bus. If you’re a school, a sports team or a tour company, there are plenty of ways to outfit your vehicle with custom seating for your guests and clients. You can find a range of options from individual seats to bunks.

A great way to add value to your bus is to add an entertainment system. You can get an audio/visual package that includes speakers, a DVD player and a television. The video will allow your passengers to stay entertained while they’re on the road, and the sound will keep them occupied as well.

You can also install a driver entry step to make it easier for your drivers to enter and exit the bus safely. This will help them avoid injury and make it much more convenient for them to get on and off the bus.

Overhead luggage compartments can be a very helpful addition to any bus, especially for business owners that travel with heavy items. They can easily be installed by TESCO’s service professionals and will make storing things like purses and backpacks easier and safer.

Besides providing extra space on your bus, overhead racks can be a great way to increase your cargo capacity while saving you money on fuel and maintenance costs. They can be installed in a variety of different vehicles, including minibuses, shuttles, vans and coaches.

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