How to Choose a Long Distance Moving Company

Whether you’re planning a local move or a long distance move, finding the right moving company is essential to making the process go smoothly. The last thing you want is a moving service that doesn’t handle your items with care, which can lead to damage and even loss.

Here are some things to consider when choosing the best long distance moving company for you:

Price and deposit information, licensing, customer service, extra services, and reviews are all things to consider when picking a moving company. Each of these factors can make or break a move, so it’s important to be informed before you choose a company.

Cost & Budget

If you’re looking for the most affordable long distance moving company, look for one that charges a flat rate for all their services. This allows you to get an accurate estimate and avoid surprises on moving day.

You should also ask about any hidden fees that might be added to your estimate. These may include fees for loading or unloading items at different levels of your home, such as hauling goods down stairs. You should also be sure that the moving service you select offers a range of pricing options, including a flat rate for all services and an hourly rate for extras such as packing or storage.

Other factors to consider when choosing a moving company are their size and experience in the industry. Larger companies with more resources are typically better able to handle larger moves and complex moving needs.

Discounts and special offers

Many moving companies offer discounts to their customers. These can include a discounted rate for a longer move, a discount for seniors or military members, and other discounts that can be used to lower your overall costs.

Getting an estimate is one of the most important steps in the moving process, so it’s essential that you have access to multiple quotes from different long distance moving companies. You should also request that the company provide you with a written quote.

When estimating your move, it’s essential to keep in mind the cubic footage of all the items you plan on transporting. This will help a company determine the exact size of truck they will need to reserve for your move.

This information will also be crucial for determining your linehaul charge, which is the amount that will be added to the total cost of your move by the moving service. This is calculated by the weight of your shipment divided by the distance between your origin and destination.

It’s best to be present at the initial truck weigh-in so that you can ensure that the loaded weight is accurate and that you’re not being overcharged for the linehaul.

If you have a specialty item that needs to be transported separately, such as a suit of armor or taxidermy, look for a company that specializes in specialized moves. These movers have the necessary equipment and know how to get permits and other requirements for moving these specialty items.

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