The Growing Market For Self Storage

Self storage facilities offer secure, dry, clean space to store items that are no longer needed in a person’s home or business. They are typically open from 9:00am to 7:00pm and allow tenants to rent storage space on a month-to-month basis. Some storage units are climate controlled, providing added protection for delicate items that would otherwise be vulnerable to extreme temperatures and dust. Many storage facilities also sell boxes, locks, and packing supplies to assist their tenants in packing up and safely storing their belongings. Some locations even offer truck rentals, making it easy for a new tenant to haul their possessions to their storage unit.

While the majority of people who use self storage rent space for their personal belongings, a number of individuals and businesses utilize the service to fulfill business needs. Whether the need is to store inventory, archived records, or other business-related items, many small-business owners find it more cost effective to rent a self-storage unit than to pay for additional office or warehouse space. Similarly, many customers who are traveling or on a temporary job assignment may find it more convenient to rent a self-storage unit rather than pay for short-term accommodations.

The popularity of reality television shows such as Storage Wars and Auction Hunters has increased the public’s awareness of the benefits of self storage. As a result, the industry has continued to expand and become more competitive. This expansion has resulted in a wider range of options for consumers, including the ability to access storage space online.

In addition, the development pipeline for new facilities has remained active in recent years. Combined with the steady demand from both residential and commercial customers, the market for self-storage is expected to continue growing in the near future.

Whether it is a garage, basement, attic, or spare room, many homes are cluttered with items that can be stored away in self storage. By clearing out the clutter and converting the space to its intended purpose, homeowners can add value to their property and live more comfortably in their homes. Additionally, homeowners who are thinking of selling their homes can utilize self storage to declutter their spaces and make their homes more aesthetically pleasing to prospective buyers, potentially increasing the resale value of their properties. This is particularly important when staging a home for sale in a tough real estate market.

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