Tips For Post Construction Cleaning

Post construction cleaning

It takes a lot of physical labor to complete post construction cleaning. There are many tasks involved in this process, and you must pay special attention to details. This job requires knowledge and experience, and the right equipment. Post construction cleaning can take anywhere from one day to several months. When choosing a post construction cleaning service, make sure to choose one that offers guaranteed quality. Below are some tips for post construction cleaning:

Phases of post-construction cleaning

There are three basic phases of post-construction cleaning. Once all the framing and electrical work are done, the cleaning process begins. Large items need to be movedĀ Post construction cleaning near Pittsburgh PA or disposed of. This phase also includes a thorough sweeping of the house, removing any debris. This includes all the dust and dirt that has settled over time. The cleaning contractors will also vacuum and dust interior surfaces. In some cases, they may also remove stickers or decals.

Dust control

Post-construction cleaning is crucial to avoid airborne contaminants and ensure health safety. There are several different types of dust found during construction, including wood dust and silicate dust. These particles can cause respiratory and cardiovascular issues, as well as irritate the skin and eyes. ServiceMaster of Athens can install containment systems for contractors and homeowners, which separate work areas and contain construction dust. This process requires repeated vacuuming on all surfaces.


A post construction cleaning organization is an excellent business model if you are in the construction business. Unlike a regular business, it has the necessary tools, know-how, and attitude to handle the entire process, from initial inspection through to clean-up. They will make your building sparkle and shine, preparing it for the inauguration or opening of its doors. These organizations know how to dispose of waste correctly and won’t run afoul of local regulations.


Safe post-construction cleaning starts with situational awareness. Construction debris is hazardous because it’s difficult to see and can cut skin. Moreover, drywall dust and silica from concrete are allergens and toxic. As well, the air in a construction site is full of volatile organic chemicals. Inhaling too much air pollution can lead to serious health risks, such as silicosis and lung cancer. Moreover, cleaning crews must wear appropriate safety gear, such as gloves and masks. They should also wear company-branded uniforms, which are also an important part of a construction site’s safety measures.

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